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NEW > June, 2017 > 7-D Universe







... Out of the Fog ... 


What we call "The Milky Way" is the galaxy of stars where we reside with our Sun and its other planets.


Look up to the sky to see the star dust Fog of our home galaxy of over 100 billion stars


How was it formed?


Click this brief eBook to discover how it all could have began.


Included is the famous Christmas Eve Greeting from the historic NASA's Apollo 8 mission, our first crew to orbit the Moon.


Also, see the beautiful photo of Earth rising over the lunar surface - the first ever witnessed - which was taken from this NASA spacecraft!


Looking for the Milky Way? Included here is an awesome photo of it that you will not forget.


Have you seen the amazing photos of billions of far distant star clusters and constellations taken by the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes?


View here a new beautiful creation of art.


It is an artist's abstract painting using layers of oil colors. Our 7-Dimensional Universe depicted!


Space-time, gravity, energy and mass are portrayed for your interpretation.










 How many stars are there? More than
 = 100 octillion stars = 1029
7-D LINKS describe calculations and

satellites we sent to Interstellar space.

When will your descendants

be going there?





Success in Reaching




Asteroid Sample Return Mission Satellite

(& Time Capsule to orbit our Sun)
NASA OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft

- Launched 9/8/16.
7-D LINKS to videos, music, maps.


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