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Exhibit 4 - Table in PDF for
7-Dimensional eCommunications





Typical 7-D eCommunication



eMail is a well-known eCommunication tool and is an easy-to-use 7-D eCommunication.



A multi-media eMail is used in the Article as an example to describe how each of the 7 Dimensional Human Interfaces can be impacted.



This special type of eMail utilizes a number of imbedded links or file eAttachments (audio files, video files, digital photo files, and eLinks).



There are other types of 7-D eCommunications that could have been used to accomplish this same objective. Generally, they vary by Interface.



Some are listed in the column “Typical 7-D eCommunication” of this document to be downloaded. (Exhibit 4: Correlating Typical 7-D eCommunications with the 7 Dimensions of Physical, Intellectual, and Human Spirit Interfaces and their Attributes).



An Attribute is a characteristic of an Interface.



All 21 Human Interfaces are listed and their Attributes are defined in this Exhibit. These Attributes are the definitions utilized in the Article for each Human Interface.



Each Interface is explained and examples are given in the Article.




All downloads and pages are now available for your use.
We just have migrated to utilize the Microsoft 365 offerings.
To make this web site more useful to you, we will be converting it
to utilize 7-D eCommunication Concepts.
Until then this site is a static Web 1.0 level presentation.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.