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NEW > 2017 > Beautiful Art
Technology Creates Beautiful Art


Beautiful pictures developed by engineers and scientists

can be worth millions of words.





* Pictures of our beautiful planets (USPS stamps ):


 Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars




 Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune





* Satellite’s picture of the heart of Pluto (USPS stamps):


    Our  Solar System’s beautiful Pluto -

          3 billion miles from Earth,  and 

    our beautiful
New Horizons Satellite which took the picture for us.






*  Total Solar Eclipse and a full Moon

          in your hands (USPS stamp):



    See solar flares of our beautiful Sun

         behind the eclipse by our Moon.



    This is the first U.S. stamp to use a special 

     Thermochromic ink   

     which reacts to the heat of touch

     causing the ink to change from black

     to transparent to reveal the beautiful Moon’s surface.









** Scientists discover and study this picture from a centuries-old linen


     Some believe that this is the beautiful face of Jesus Christ

     (right-most picture) resulting from computer digital image analysis

     of the linen Shroud of Turin (left-most picture),

     that he is the Son of God, who became a human on Earth

     to show God’s love for us all, and

     that in his death and resurrection he left us this picture.







7-Dimensional eCommunications:

Click Links for Internet Resources

Pluto—Explored! and Views of Our Planets Forever Stamps Images and Background Information



Planets of our Solar System (Maps plus 3D exploration):



NASA Space Sounds of Planets (7 Min.):




Music – “The Planets” an orchestral suite by Gustav Holst (49 Min.):



Eat a delicious MoonPie: 




See 2017 Solar Eclipse Pictures:




NASA New Horizons Satellite:




History of the linen Shroud of Turin in Wikipedia: 




3-Dimensional Hologram:




The linen Shroud mentioned in the Bible: <<< CLICK

     (Gospel Book  Chapter: Verses)

     Matthew 27: 57 –  28: 20; Mark 15: 42 – 16: 8;

     Luke 23: 50 – 24: 12; John 19: 38 –  20: 10




MORE… links to more references for further information at,


* All copies of USA postage stamps herein are the copyrighted property of the United States Postal Service® (Postal Service™).
All rights reserved. See (For Fair-use, educational purposes only.)

** Bing & Google show: Photo may be copyrighted by unspecified party. All rights reserved by its owner. (Used here for Fair-use, educational purposes only.)




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