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Constraints to Avoid Negative Outcomes (C-TANO)

Bible Texts referenced  in the Project -

Sending of 12 Apostles to Neighboring Towns to Heal the Sick.







"Constraints to Avoid Negative Outcomes -

a proposal for a new useful category of PM constraints that was discovered

while analyzing a project completed 20 centuries ago"


Then go to Page 4 for the section: "Bible Project Used as an Example"



Bible Text References describing the Project

and its Constraints


The Project, "Sending of 12 Apostles to Neighboring Towns to Heal the Sick," is described in the referenced New International Version (NIV) Bible texts below in Links on this web site.



Table: Click on a Chapter number below to go to an external website that shows all the verses of the NIV Chapters referenced in the Paper.


Book / ChaptersPreparationsExecutionAfter
MatthewChapter 9Chapter 10

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

MarkChapter 3 Chapter 6 Chapter 9
LukeChapter 6 Chapter 9Chapter 10

Bible Versions in Multiple Languages and Audio
These Bible Chapters are available in other English Versions of the Bible as well as in over 30 other Languages.
Take a look at these external web site Links.

NIV Bible Sources

  • NIV archaeological study bible (New International Version ed.). (2005). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.