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Updated: 2017
Articles about the Launch
To see photos and read description
of the OSIRIS-REX Launch -
first hand report
including LINKS to:
-Videos and Sounds
-Mission Statements
-Status Updates
-eBook Artwork
-Press Kits
-Tours       and more …


To see the original Article

published by

Sun Day News of Huntley

October 6th edition.

Title:    "3… 2… 1…"

Here are recent Pre-Launch
Articles and Photos
of the NASA Spacecraft
Asteroid Sample Return Mission!


OSIRIS-REx satellite is enclosed at top where spacecraft was assembled and ready to roll to launch pad 2 days before its successful launch on September 8, 2016. (Photo credit: NASA)








Below: Artist conception of Asteroid Sample Return Mission Spacecraft on left and deployed Satellite on right. (Credit: NASA Poster)





Here are

free Articles


 NASA News of

Spacecraft Launch



CLICK below on the titles in blue

for a PDF file you can read.


Articles utilize

7-Dimensional eCommunication Concepts.



How do you send an eBook into Outer Space?


1. Things are looking UP, WAY UP!

 - Article by Sun Day Newspaper.

 - How my eBook was placed on a NASA Spacecraft.



2. Success in Reaching the Unreachable Star    ҉

 - Asteroid Sample Return Mission (& Time Capsule)

   which carries my eBook into outer space.
 - Describes contents of my submissions loaded by NASA

   into OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft's memory.








NASA space program managers

discuss details and demonstrate

functions of their Spacecraft

(which also carries this special eBook)


 An exciting YouTube video copy of the broadcast briefing

 by NASA & contractor managers on Aug. 17, 2016 

 in Washington D.C. Headquarters

   (59 minutes originally by NASA-TV)

- Asteroid sample return Mission details showing

  Spacecraft preparation, instruments, and animation

  of future functions at asteroid by the OSIRI-REx satellite.  








Below: August photo in "clean room" of actual Satellite for Asteroid Sample Return Mission Spacecraft on left and shield to be placed around it to protect it during launch on right. Dante Lauretta, Principle Investigator, in "clean suit" for last look at the Satellite before its successful launch on September 8, 2016. (Photo Credit: NASA Twitter Picture @DSLauretta)












eArticles related

to the NASA space program


3. Taking Great Pictures on the Road 

 - USPS latest issue beautiful stamp sheets of all 8 planets

   plus Pluto



4. Can You Count the Number of Stars?

 -  >100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!





The eBook launched into space 

is available for you to read on-line below.



 - The complete Christmas Nativity eBook on-line and in color

    available free for your reading pleasure.

 - Contains Multi-Dimensional LINKS to graphics, artwork,

    music, audio/video, tours, movies, photos,

    dramatizations, performances, and references.

 - Click the Parts you wish to read.





My Digital Artwork placed by NASA

into a memory bank

on their OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft



6.  Three Explorer Photos, a Prayer and a Blessing

     for the People and Mission of NASA

 - Submitted to NASA with color photos



7.  Introduction, 7-Dimensional eCommunication Concepts, and New eBook
 - Submitted eBook story to NASA in 7 Languages.

 - Read English text of submission here.







These web pages, articles, and the eBook and story are for personal education, non-profit, and “fair use” only, and is not to be used for profit; this eBook is made available free of charge. This website contains no ads.
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* Graphics and pictures of space & objects are courtesy of NASA.

** This is the copyrighted property of the United States Postal Service® (Postal Service™). All rights reserved.


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