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Home Page:   Below get FREE eBook
        --> the eBook that is aboard OSIRIS-REx spacecraft

NEW 2018! -> Self-Publish Your eBook for Outer Space

See LINKS to Photos and Interesting Stories,
INTRODUCTION, LINKS, and discussions.
Who What Where When Why How

CLICK >>  "Publish in Space"




DECEMBER 2017 -> Christmas Greeting Card

with LINKS to Photos and Interesting Stories

CLICK >>  "Pictures & Stories"



NEWEST -> OSIRIS-REx spacecraft picks up Earth Gravity Assist.

Ken and Mary Kozy wave to the satellite at its closest point to Earth.

NASA says trajectory is absolutely perfect.

CLICK >>Satellite Flyby


NEW -> NASA just sent a message to Intergalactic Voyager 1
space craft which left our Solar System last year. 

Hear the winning message sent on the 40th ANNIVERSARY
of the launch of this USA NASA Space Probe.

> See William Shatner (of Star Trek fame) announce and command 
transmission of the message selected by NASA and the public voting!

CLICK >>Voyager 1 Message


NEXT -> the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in the USA -
plan now to be there to see it!
View a map of the USA and the path
of the next Total Solar Eclipse here!

By the way ...

Did you see the 2017 USA "TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE"
in August and 
view the new
Total Solar Eclipse Postage Stamp? 




NASA and others have taken beautiful photos of the Planets,
our Moon, and Sun using the latest technology.

Some have applied that technology to objects on Earth
that are over 2,000 years old to create beautiful art!

CLICK >>Beautiful Art

Learn about "The Big Bang Theory" and view original abstract art of a "7-Dimensional Universe": 
CLICK >>7-D Universe
Learn how you may send a message to future space explorers via NASA and other Spacecraft:  CLICK >>The Gift
Read a proposal to NASA to launch American Heritage eDocuments into space;  CLICK >> "USA eDocs"
WATCH the Launch of the NASA Spacecraft OSIRIS-REx, the celebration conference, and its location/status today:
CLICK >>eBook NASA Launch
2017 > FREE eBook

Free copy of this special

eBook is available for you!



Its digital text was included

on the NASA Spacecraft,


which was launched into outer space

 on September 8, 2016.



It is the first eBook ever written

about the Christmas Nativity

to utilize 7-Dimensional

eCommunications Concepts &

in the last 12 months

has now travelled into space
aboard a NASA spacecraft

 over 567 million miles




The Launch of the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft.

Picture credit: United Launch Alliance (ULA) and NASA.

Reference: Dante Lauretta (@DSLauretta) | 



For more Launch information


<<<  CLICK the tab "eBook NASA Launch"

 or CLICK here >>>
eBook NASA Launch








Hope you enjoy a true
 7-Dimensional experience!




A Christmas Nativity Story









this FREE eBook




These "on-Line" eBook & Download

versions contain

Multi-Dimensional features

and Internet LINKS to:


> Music of the Christmas season from YouTube®©


            > 3-D effect Tours: Bethlehem, Stable/Cave, Shepherds Field


                        > References of: people, locations, coins, stars


> Text carefully based on the original Bible stories


            > Graphics and Art Work correlated to the events


                        > Dialogue & events discussed among people



> Background of key people in the Nativity Story


            > Food menus of the time of Jesus, Mary & Joseph


                        > Maps of their trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem



 > Dramatizations, audio, & commentary from 3 major Bible versions


            > Locations mentioned in the Nativity story


                        > Videos, movies, photos related to the birth of Jesus



This is the world's first eBook
utilizing the new
 eCommunications Concepts.



Do you want

to give an eGift Certificate

for this FREE eBook copy

to your family or friends?


<<<  CLICK the tab "eGift for YOU"

 or CLICK here >>>
eGift Certificate 





 Click here to view eBook and Artwork  

 originally submitted to NASA  

for the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft


 2017 - Brief Introduction to:
7-Dimensional eCommunication Concepts     
This "Brief Introduction to 7-Dimensional eCommunication Concepts" was included as part of the submission of artwork to NASA. They electronically copied it into a memory chip attached in the Spacecraft which was launched on September 8th.
A more in-depth article describing these Concepts will be included on this web site at a later date. It will also utilize and demonstrate the 7-Dimensional eCommunication Concepts in its contents.
This introduction should provide you with a basic understanding of these important concepts for writing effective eCommunications.


New  eBook


An Interactive Version of the




eCommunications Concepts


with LINKS & Examples




7-D eCom CONCEPTS - 2014     
This older version discusses
some of the 7-d Concepts.
Here is the 2014
7-Dimensional eCommunications Paper
published and presented
at a Global PMI Conference
for use by Project Managers
> Learn to communicate more effectively and efficiently
> Improve "in person" and electronic communications
> Quickly apply successful Project Management Constraints
Welcome. This is an educational site to help you be more successful in life and work.
All downloads of copyrighted works of Ken Kozy are available without charge for your personal education-only use. Enjoy learning something new!
Using 7-D eCommunications
to Improve your Electronic Communications
by Impacting Others' Human Interfaces
7 Dimensional eCommunications
7 Dimensions of Physical Interfaces
7 Dimensions of Intellectual Interfaces
7 Dimensions of Human Spirit Interfaces

  • You can send others eCommunications that are
    • clear, understandable, effective, efficient, and
    • impact them more profoundly by using 7 Dimensional eCommunications


  • The recipients will focus on your eCommunication
    • view it as a priority, remember it, think about it
    • acknowledge it, share it with others
    • send feedback, and take action

"As described here, utilizing 7-D eCommunications, Constraints to Avoid Negative Outcomes, and Constraints to Ensure Positive Outcomes can be of great help to you personally and professionally. Hope you enjoy this new information.
I want to give back to the Project Management profession for the wonderful opportunities and economic benefits it gave me.
I enjoy sharing experiences and insights that may help others."
Ken Kozy at a Project Management Institute Global Congress

Papers published and presented
at Global Conferences for Project Managers
regarding Constraints & Risks
What you need to know is on this web site -

  • Benefits to you and your Projects
  • Definitions and Differences
  • Templates, Tools, and Examples



Quickly identify and record Constraints that:
  • Ensure Positive Outcomes
  • Avoid Negative Outcomes
These concepts were presented at the
Project Management Institute (PMI ®) Asia-Pacific Global Congresses
>> Click HERE for the updated Version 2 of the Project Management Constraint Theory
("Project Management Constraint Theory - and a new Category of Constraints to Ensure Positive Outcomes" - given in Melbourne, Australia.)
(Related to the presentation given in Melbourne, Australia.)

("Constraints to Avoid Negative Outcomes" given at the PMI Asia-Pacific Global Congress in Sydney, Australia.)

Add this page to your Favorites and return every month to get the latest examples, tools, case studies, and methodology.  Your success is the goal of these concepts.
Please CLICK HERE to let me know if you have any questions or comments.
Ken Kozy
Writer and Speaker
MBA, and Green Belt – Lean Six Sigma
All downloads and pages are now available for your use.
We just have migrated to utilize the Microsoft 365 offerings.
To make this web site more useful to you, we will be converting it
to utilize 7-D eCommunication Concepts.
Until then this site is a static Web 1.0 level presentation.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.





These web pages, articles, and the eBook and story are for personal education, non-profit, and “fair use” only, and is not to be used for profit; this eBook is made available free of charge. This website contains no ads.
All copyrights are the property of the respective owners of: text, graphics, art works, maps, references, Bibles, articles, tours, and commentary, as well as of electronic information, images, photos, music, videos, dramatizations, audio readings, performances, and movies and all material at LINK sites included herein. All Copyrights are reserved by copyright owners.


* Credits: Graphics and pictures of spacecraft are courtesy of

     United Launch Alliance (ULA) and NASA.

** Photo Credit: Ken Kozy


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