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"Success in Reaching the Unreachable Star   ҉  "

You can now read
 this 7-Dimensional eBook
Just click 
the underlined LINK below
to download this free eBook
 in easy-to-read PDF format.
Success in Reaching
the Unreachable Star   ҉ 
This eBook contains LINKS
to video tours
of several NASA spacecraft
 sent towards the stars
beyond our solar system
- into Interstellar Space -
as well as the
September 8th launch
of the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx.
This Satellite will gather and return
a sample of an asteroid
and finally will orbit our star,
the Sun, as a time capsule.
The eBook utilizes
7-Dimensional eCommunications Concepts







This eBook is for personal education,

non-profit, and “fair use” only, and is  not to be used for profit;

this eBook is made available free of charge. This website contains

no ads.


Do not publish or copy any of this material to Facebook,

social media, or public file areas. It is not for commercial use.


All copyrights are the property of the respective owners of:

text, graphics, art works, maps, references, Bibles, articles, tours,

and commentary, as well as of electronic information, images,

photos, music, videos, dramatizations, audio readings,

performances, and movies and all material at LINK sites

included herein.


* Graphics and pictures of space & objects are courtesy of NASA.





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