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 2017 the eBook with Multi-Media LINKS

 is available now! 


 Free eBook - 


follow steps below to:





download it to read later






A Christmas Nativity Story



Christmas Nativity scene - Birth of Jesus Christ  *




Including these


Multi-Dimensional Features & Internet LINKS



> Music of the Christmas season from YouTube®©


            > 3-D effect Tours: Bethlehem, Stable/Cave, Shepherds Field


                        > References: people, locations, coins, stars



> Text carefully based on the original Bible stories


            > Graphics and Art Work correlated to the events


                        > Dialogue & events discussed among people


> Background of key people in the Nativity Story


            > Food of the time of Jesus, Mary & Joseph


                        > Maps of their trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem


> Dramatizations, audio, & commentary from 3 major Bible versions


            > Women, men, & locations mentioned in the Nativity story


                        > Videos, movies, photos related to the birth of Jesus








THIS FREE eBook  >>>


If you have a PC or Apple device,

please follow the appropriate color-coded

steps described below.





CLICK >  HERE to DOWNLOAD the complete eBook story
to your device. It is a ZIP folder of PDF files (6 MB) entitled
'OneDrive (date)' containing the files for








CLICK the individual .ZIP files below


to DOWNLOAD each one 


of the PARTS of the eBook:







PC (Windows)



Steps for PC users to download these ZIP files:


1 Click any .ZIP file you select.

2 Box appears, click SAVE.

3 Box appears: "... download has completed"

   then Click VIEW DOWNLOADS. 

4 Box appears:

   "file_name.ZIP" is at the top of the list,

   now Click the OPEN option next to it

   to OPEN that folder with PDF file(s).

5 Click the PDF file which you want to view

   in order to OPEN it.

   The selected PDF file and any of its LINKS

   that you clicked will remain

   in separate windows for your convenience.






          Part 1.ZIP  - Part 1: The stable in a cave



          Part 2.ZIP  - Part 2: Bethlehem and its sheep



          Part 3.ZIP  - Part 3: Surprises and our first meal together



          Part 4.ZIP  - Part 4: A baby is born and the sky lights up



          Part 5.ZIP  Part 5: Shepherds arrive



          Part A Epilogue.ZIP  -  Part A - Epilogue: Who am I?


                                          Matthias, the replacement Apostle?









Follow these Steps for APPLE iPhone and iPad users in order to download and utilize 

the PDF files below:


1 Click the ''PART N v#.PDF" below

   that you choose to read.

2 When the text appears choose

   "Open in iBooks" which appears

   at top of screen for only a few seconds.

3 The PDF is placed into iBooks for you,

   and its text and LINKS appear on your screen.

4 You may enlarge the text & graphics

   to your satisfaction.

5 When you clicked the button/LINKS,

   those pages appeared in separate windows.

Use the App Switcher to return to the story

   from the LINKS you selected.



CLICK below to DOWNLOAD to your APPLE device

each individual PART (Number) .PDF of the eBook:





         Part 1.PDF   - Part 1: The stable in a cave


         Part 2.PDF  - Part 2: Bethlehem and its sheep 


          Part 3.PDF   - Part 3: Surprises and our first meal together


          Part 4.PDF  - Part 4: A baby is born and the sky lights up


          Part 5.PDF   Part 5: Shepherds arrive


         Part A Epilogue.PDF    -   Part A Epilogue: Who am I?



                                          Matthias, the replacement Apostle






The author, Kenneth R. Kozy, visited Israel twice to research and
to photograph Biblical sites. For more information ClickHERE.












This eBook and story is for personal education,

non-profit, and “fair use” only, and is not to be used for profit;

this eBook is made available free of charge. This website contains

no ads.


Do not publish or copy any of this material to Facebook,

social media, or public file areas.


All copyrights are the property of the respective owners of:

text, graphics, art works, maps, references, Bibles, articles, tours,

and commentary, as well as of electronic information, images,

photos, music, videos, dramatizations, audio readings,

performances, and movies and all material at LINK sites

included herein.


Although carefully based on the original Biblical accounts,

the conversations and related events not explicit in the Bible

versions are considered of the historical fiction genre of writings.



References for Writing Genres and Historical Fiction  -





*  Photo credit: (Ken Kozy, 2015)


Christmas time photo of statues of a Nativity scene in the window area

of the Author's home depicts Jesus in a manger/crib

with Joseph and Mary on each side.

The window and blinds in background provide

a prophetic quality to the photo.




Interact ↔


If you have questions or comments please contact the author at: