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See & read about the Launch -
LIFTOFF! of the
NASA Asteroid Sample Return Mission

T minus "28...25...Status Check”
“Go Atlas V.” “Go Centaur.”
Launch spacecraft!

The Launch of the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft.

Picture credit: United Launch Alliance (ULA) and NASA.

Reference: Dante Lauretta (@DSLauretta) | 

OSIRIS-REx, is an acronym for:

Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security – Regolith Explorer

Rocket ignition
            Thundering sound
                Billowing smoke 
                    Shaking ground
                 > Liftoff!
 Here is what we saw, heard, felt, and experienced
     – the joyful emotions of the Launch of the NASA Spacecraft!
 Click this document's blue underlined LINKS
     to enjoy the experience and
     to know more about the impact of the Launch.

 CLICK >>>     The Launch and the Experience

 (PDF file format)

NASA and YouTube videos
of actual Launch
8 September 2016
Choose from three Levels of Launch Videos:
     1. Short
          2. Medium Duration
               3. Complete Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post-Launch

1. Liftoff of OSIRIS-REx - Spacecraft countdown from 10 seconds.
    (Credit: NASA-TV)
    Short 2 Minutes 36 Seconds version.
 CLICK >>>
2. For FULL Spacecraft launch, starting with 28 second countdown.
    (Credit: NASA-TV)
    1 Hour total video length focused
    on successful Spacecraft launch.
 CLICK >>>
3. For complete Spacecraft launch and info thru successful orbiting.
    (Credit: NASA-TV)
    3 Hours video length - starts with detailed check-off lists.
    (Go to 2:09:00 for actual liftoff.)
    First 2 hours also contains:
        pre tests, Spacecraft move to launch-pad, & fascinating
        interviews with NASA Engineers and Management.
    The ending shows Control Rooms during actual launch sequence.


After the Successful Launch
 Celebration!  Post-Launch Video Press Conference
   - (Credit: NASA-TV) -
   joyful Spacecraft Engineers & Management.

Latest Status of Spacecraft
since its 8 Sept 2016 launch
 Note: status as of 26 June 2017
 (almost 10 months after Launch date)
 From: OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Team
 OSIRIS-REx Current Distance from Earth:
   over 38.5 million miles (62.5 million km) 
   as it passes Earth to get a gravity assist
   to increase speed and 6 degrees inclination.
 CLICK >>>
 Total Distance traveled to date:
   over 472 million miles (761 million km)
 Current velocities:
   Speed relative to Earth:
       > 7,000 mph (11 km/s)
   Speed relative to Sun:
       > 15,000 mph (24 km/s)
 Distance from Sun:
   1.22 AU with no issues.
 One-way Light Time from Earth:
   3.47 minutes

Upon successful return above Earth to release its Asteroid Sample in 2023, this Spacecraft will have travelled over 4.4 billion miles!



For the latest "space map" of the locations and orbits of Earth, OSIRIS-REx and Bennu:



Reports from Dante Lauretta, Principal Investigator: 
 * Dante Lauretta (Picture credit: NASA,
“You all will be glad to know we got everything just exactly perfect.”
"Our @OSIRISREx spacecraft passed its instrument check and is on its way to asteroid Bennu."

"We Have a Healthy Spacecraft"
(11 Nov 2016 Report):
 . Orbit and trajectory (animation)
 . MapCam star navigation images (photos)
 . Sample Return Capsule (photo in space)
 . Deployment in space (video from rocket)
 CLICK >>> 


Completed Earth-Trojan Asteroid Search around the L4 Earth-sun Lagrange Point on Feb. 20.  Although no new Earth Trojans were discovered, the spacecraft’s camera operated flawlessly and demonstrated that it could image objects two magnitudes dimmer than originally expected.





 For other recent NASA information sheets
 CLICK >>>



 CLICK >>>


 CLICK >>>

 Everything you ever wanted to know
 about the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft
 but did not know how to ask >
 ...Mission (Updates, Profile, Objectives, Flexibility)
 ...Spacecraft (Overview, Instruments, Sample Collection/Return)
 ...Asteroid Bennu, OSIRIE-REx BLOG
 CLICK >>>
 CLICK >>>

  From The Week (
  "The odyssey of OSIRIS-REx"
  by David W. Brown
  CLICK >>>
  This is an excellent article re: 
  ...History of this Mission 

For more information from NASA

about the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Mission


CLICK >>> 



 NASA animation
 of complete Asteroid Sample Return Mission Spacecraft
 from Launch until Mission Completion.


 NASA Fact Sheet, Photos, and 
 Press Kit with detail information
 about Asteroid Sample Return Mission Spacecraft 




NASA space program managers

discuss details and demonstrate

functions of their Spacecraft

(which also carries artwork & this special eBook)


 An exciting YouTube video copy of the broadcast briefing  <<< CLICK

 by NASA & contractor managers on 17 August 2016 

 in Washington D.C. Headquarters

   (59 minutes originally by NASA-TV)

- Asteroid sample return Mission details showing

  Spacecraft preparation, instruments, and animation

  of future functions at asteroid by the OSIRI-REX satellite.  







  For more information go to or BING and search by entering:





NASA sent over 7,000 artworks
including this eBook
onboard this OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft
which successfully launched
on 8 September 2016

CLICK>>>  HERE to read the PDF
of the Introduction and English eBook
Artwork for the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft
submitted to NASA by Ken Kozy.

It includes a brief description of
7-Dimensional eCommunication Concepts.








For this FREE eBook

in a special version also
including over 100 Multi-Dimensional
internet links...









Music - Hymn performed by Carrie Underwood







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* Graphics and pictures of space & objects are courtesy of NASA, NASA-TV, or United Launch Alliance (ULA).


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