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from Ken Kozy - Writer & Speaker

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  • You can print the first ever 7-Dimensional eCommunication containing Quick Response (QR) Codes!

  • For Tech-savvy people, interested engineers and curious students
    the LINK below allows you to read and/or print the full text of Part 1 containing
    Quick Response (QR) Codes for use off-line from the computer.

  • Once printed, the reader can scan the QR Codes on the paper copy to access the internet using his/her own personal Smart cell phone or Smartdevice with a QR-code app.

  • Why? Using only these printed pages, the reader can then access all the music, visuals and extended information in the Multi-Dimensional LINKS of the text without the need for a PC connected to the internet.


  • First, open the QR-code app. Next, point the camera of the Smartphone directly on the "box" that is the QR Code. The app should automatically go to the internet in order to place those contents on the screen for the reader. (This feature does not interfere with reading the printed texts.)

  • Therefore, the graphics, art work, music, tours and unique information available in the Multi-Dimensional LINKS are accessible on an internet-accessible cell phone equipped with a QR-code app for the reader who does not have immediate access to a laptop or PC .






    A Christmas Nativity Story


    Part 1


    The stable in a cave




Part 1 TEXT with QR Codes   <  CLICK to Read or Print PDF



<  SCAN QR Code to Read or Print PDF


NOTE: This PDF document is designed to be printed on 8 ½" x 11" paper in black ink.





The world's first eBook


utilizing the new




eCommunications Theory


and Quick Response (QR) Codes









This eBook and its story are for your personal education,

non-profit, and “fair use” only, and are not to be used for profit.

This eBook and story are made available free of charge.


This website and eBook contain no ads.


All copyrights are the property of the respective owners of:

text, graphics, art works, maps, references, Bibles, articles, tours,

and commentary, as well as of electronic information, images,

photos, music, videos, dramatizations, audio readings,

performances, and movies and all material at LINK sites

included herein.


Although carefully based on the original Biblical accounts,

the conversations and related events not explicit in the Bible

versions are considered of the historical fiction genre of writings.

References for Writing Genres and Historical Fiction  -