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 2017 - Read SAMPLES of the eBook on-Line 



eBook Samples

of Multi-Dimensional Features & Internet LINKS







A Christmas Nativity Story



Christmas Nativity Scene - Birth of Jesus Christ


(* Fig 1  See photo credit and description at bottom of page)






 Click underlined text/LINKS in yellow below to see and hear: 

 Music Videos – Traditional, Modern-New, Pop or Classic versions,

 and Movies (on YouTube®©).


 There are over 40 music LINKS in this eBook story.



Classic “Joy to the World.”  PBS production of choir and orchestra 





Modern presentation of a traditional Christmas carol

with lyrics: “Mary, did you know?”  Sung by Pentatonix.




 OTHER SAMPLE Multi-Dimensional LINKS



 Click underlined text/LINKS in yellow below to experience:


 Panoramic 3-D Tours, Photos, Videos, Movies,


 Bible References, Food Topics, Dramatizations,


 Maps, Graphics, Art Works, & Commentary.


 See additional interesting articles & information also.

 Wikipedia presents various viewpoints regarding the topics


 There are over 100 Multi-Dimensional LINKS in this eBook story.










Tour of the Stable Cave of the Nativity with 3-D effects

Here are beautiful panoramic photos of the birth place of Jesus in Bethlehem. (Best picture if viewed on a large screen.) Using your mouse you can move view in a 360-degree circle (horizontally or vertically). See some of the original rocks and building stones as well as altars, candles, ceiling, and art work. Study scenes as much and as long as you want. There is no narration; for informative text click ! and for animated pictures click à.






Tour in Bethlehem & Nativity Site with 3-D effects


Here is an excellent narrated tour.

Detailed graphics of all scenes and close-ups are available.

Scenes move quickly, but you can click pause to hold and view longer.

Free apps are available (Windows & Apple); 

all have some web-site ads.

It takes a while to navigate the first time you use this site,

but it is a rich treasure of information and sights.

(The experience can be like visiting this sacred site,

but without the crowds -  you can learn a lot more.)








Map of possible routes  that Mary and Joseph took in their 100-mile journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Blue colored path on map shows the most probable route taken so they could avoid Samaria.








Map of roads and trade routes (---)

around Bethlehem, Jerusalem and

Nazareth in the first century.




New American Bible - Revised Edition  with options

for commentary &  notes of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

(Luke and Matthew Gospels)








Nativity of Jesus - Wikipedia  Multiple viewpoints & analysis

of Nativity. Contains pictures and references. 






Art – Angels appear to Shepherds in the Shepherds Field

(Photo of the painting in Shepherds’ Chapel

–   just outside Bethlehem). Photo credit: Tom Kroupa







Mary’s Spring  When Mary visited Elizabeth, she went to the village

of Ein Kerem west of Jerusalem. According to tradition, Mary drank

from this spring of water. Click the purple circles in the aerial view

of Ein Kerem so that those locations will be featured.

Each shows additional information and photos

- provided by





Food & meals in the Bible.  Describes: Grains, vegetables,


spices, fruit, sweets, olives, dairy, meat, poultry,


eggs, fish, cooking, baking, utensils, and meals.


From "Women in the Bible"  







King James Version (KJV) audio recording of text of the Visitation


of Mary with Elizabeth and the birth of John, son of Zechariah


and Elizabeth. John later become John the Baptist who baptized Jesus.







Was Jesus born in 2 BC?  Possibly yes.

This movie discusses:

"The Star of Bethlehem: Documentary" by Frederick A. Larson. 

It is an hour long entertaining and fact-finding presentation

on YouTube®©.  Star Maps, animations,

and beautiful graphics are shown.









Blessing Bread  A presentation by the Jewish Online Guides.


Bread is the staple food of humankind.


Before eating it, Jews make a special blessing of Hamotzi,

thanking God for bringing forth bread from the ground.


This has an English introduction and Hebrew prayers


on video from YouTube ®©.





Matthias - Wikipedia. Multiple viewpoints are presented.






Caregivers & the Cycle of Life. Nativity of Jesus, Mary the Caregiver, All Caregivers.









"Mary of Nazareth"    A movie on YouTube ®©. (1hr 42min)





"Madonna and Sleeping Child"

by Sassoferrato (Giovanni Battista Salvi)

dating to around 1640.

(2009 Christmas Stamp)

Source of image:

United States Postal Service®

© United States Postal Service. All rights reserved








 For information about 7-Dimensional eCommunications


(published papers from 2014 and prior years) 



Click the TAB on the top left that has the title:


7-D eCom Menu






This eBook and story is for personal education,

non-profit, and “fair use” only, and is not to be used for profit;

this eBook is made available free of charge. This website contains

no ads.


Do not publish or copy any of this material to Facebook,

social media, or public file areas.


All copyrights are the property of the respective owners of:

text, graphics, art works, maps, references, Bibles, articles, tours,

and commentary, as well as of electronic information, images,

photos, music, videos, dramatizations, audio readings,

performances, and movies and all material at LINK sites

included herein.


Although carefully based on the original Biblical accounts,

the conversations and related events not explicit in the Bible

versions are considered of the historical fiction genre of writings.

References for Writing Genres and Historical Fiction  - 




* Fig 1 Photo credit: (Ken Kozy, 2015)


This photo of statues of a Nativity scene in the window area

of the Author's home depicts Jesus in a manger/crib

with Joseph and Mary on each side.

The window and blinds in background provide

a prophetic quality to the photo.





Interact ↔


If questions or comments please contact the author at:








2017, Ken Kozy    3v80