Exercise in PDF for
7-Dimensional eCommunications


>> Click HERE to download the Exercise containing 2 Examples as described in the 7-D Article. It is a PDF file format.


Following is the description of the Exercise given in the 7-D Article.
"Invitation to a Project Kickoff Meeting
that impacts 7 Dimensional Human Interfaces"
a) In order to apply what you have learned so far from the Article, use this Exercise to write a 7-D eCommunication eMail to invite Stakeholders to a Project Kickoff Meeting for one of your new Projects. Guidelines:
  • Budget is no problem.
  • Use multi-media as needed (see Exhibit 4 Table for eTools).
  • Design it to impact as many of the 7 Dimensional Human Interfaces as possible.
b) It is not complicated - just utilize the Template Tool (shown in Exhibit 3 and described in the Article) or use your download of a blank Template from the Tab "7-D eCom Template" which is listed on the left side of this web page.
c) After you completed your 7-D eCommunication for the Exercise, download the “Examples 1 & 2” (both of which are in the document link at the top of this page).
d) Compare the Examples to what you wrote – learning from any differences. Analyses of the Two Examples are also included
The more practice and experience you get using this Plan Communication Process, the easier it will be for you to utilize 7-D Electronic Media to make your next important Stakeholder eCommunication more efficient and effective.

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