Short Example in PDF of
7-Dimensional eCommunications


>> Click HERE to download the Handout for Presentation of 7-D eCommuncation. It is a PDF file format.


This Handout is distributed during the live, interactive presentation of the Paper or Article related to Utilization of 7-D eCommunications in Project Management.
The Handout contains:
  • objectives of the presentation
  • key definitions and Exhibits
  • an interactive exercise for the audience to help them experience 7-D Communications
  • a 7-D eCommunication example using a Smartphone
  • a Template Tool for this eCommunication
  • FAQ
  • an invitation to perform an exercise afterwards
  • the speaker’s contact information.
Slides are used to augment the Presentation. Since some Exhibits are complex, they are included in the Handout so that the audience can read and follow along with the Exhibits.

All downloads and pages are now available for your use.
We just have migrated to utilize the Microsoft 365 offerings.
To make this web site more useful to you, we will be converting it
to utilize 7-D eCommunication Concepts.
Until then this site is a static Web 1.0 level presentation.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.