Constraints to Avoid Negative Outcomes (C-TANO) Bible Texts referenced in the Project - Sending of 12 Apostles to Neighboring Towns to Heal the Sick.

"Constraints to Avoid Negative Outcomes -
a proposal for a new useful category of PM constraints that was discovered
while analyzing a project completed 20 centuries ago"
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Bible Text References describing the Project and its Constraints

The Project, "Sending of 12 Apostles to Neighboring Towns to Heal the Sick," is described in the referenced New International Version (NIV) Bible texts below in Links on this web site.

Project's Bible Text in the Book of Matthew

Project's Bible Text in the Book of Mark

Project's Bible Text in the Book of Luke

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Book / Chapters Preparations Execution After
Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 13
Chapter 9
Chapter 3 Chapter 6 Chapter 9
Chapter 6 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

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NIV Bible Sources
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