Exhibits 2 & 3 - PDF of an
Example & Template Tool for
7-Dimensional eCommunications


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How can you map your eCommunication to the 21 Dimensions of Human Interfaces and quickly develop a 7-D eCommunication?
As a demonstration of how all 21 Dimensions of Human Interfaces can be impacted with a 7-D eCommunication, Exhibit 2 shows a sample eMail from a PM to Project Stakeholders.
This personalized meeting invitation asks each individual to join the Project Requirements Analyst and Team to review Final Requirements and Expectations previously provided by the Stakeholder’s Department.
A Template Tool (Exhibit 3) has been developed to help you plan your communication’s content so that you can impact the Human Interfaces.
See Exhibit 3. Using phrases or notes, enter your message’s content/ideas in the first column on the row corresponding to the Interface it impacts. Then enter a brief comment in the second column of how the content/idea impacts that Interface. You will be able to see how many Interfaces you have impacted. Next, try to impact more Interfaces to maximize your message’s objectives.
You can use these 7-D eTools with your critically important message content to impact all 21 Dimensions of Human Interfaces of your Stakeholders that are listed in the graphic, Exhibit 1.

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