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The Next
"Solar Fire Crackers"
will occur in 2024

  • On Monday, April 8, 2024, the United States will experience its next total solar eclipse, passing from the southwest to the northwest.
  • Do you plan to be there?
  • Here's a map for the path of totality for the 2024 Solar Eclipse:

If you missed seeing this Total Solar Eclipse, there are some beautiful photos and videos taken at various locations in the USA and available at government, private, and commercial web sites. Go here to LINKS to view those sites.
>>LINKS are provided, CLICK >>> the Tab:
"See Solar Eclipse"
Also, included are videos taken from airplanes tracking the Solar Eclipse! AWESOME!

Thanks to the US Postal Service,
here is what a solar eclipse looks like >>
(Photos of one Stamp, two images from USPS)
usps total solar eclipse black white sides


* Credit Source is: United States Postal Service®, © United States Postal Service. All rights reserved.

In this first U.S. stamp application of thermochromic ink, the Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever stamp will reveal a second image.
Using the body heat of your thumb or fingers and rubbing the eclipse image, an underlying image of the Moon will be revealed.
The image reverts back to the eclipse once it cools.”
A Forever® stamp current cost is $0.49 (1st Class 1oz.).
The USPS has issued a very creative stamp (shown above) that displays an actual solar eclipse
  • The original picture on this stamp was taken in Africa
  • The Moon covered the Sun and you can see the solar flares which surround the Moon due to the continuous explosions on the Sun’s surface.
  • Those explosions, “Solar Fire Crackers,” are caused by the equivalent of hundreds of Thermonuclear Hydrogen Atomic Bombs naturally exploding in the Sun’s core, surface, and corona.
  • Millions of degrees of heat are generated which radiate into space to warm us and other life on the Earth, and the rest of the planets, moons, comets, asteroids and meteors in our solar system.
  • Our solar power units get their energy from these radiations.
Magnificent explosion on the Sun and into its corona above

** Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Aug 31, 2012; Public Domain.

Your Forever® stamp will display the Sun’s resulting flares and rays around the Moon’s passive beauty.
  • Viewing a solar eclipse in person has been described as a spiritual event.
  • To experience the wonder of our infinite universe, the power of the Sun, and the beauty of the Moon helps us to appreciate the awesomeness of our Creator.
  • Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, during his Apollo 11 Lunar Mission, quoted the Bible: “When I consider the heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the Moon and the stars which Thou hast ordained, what is man that Thou art mindful of him?” (Psalm 8: 3-4, KJV)
  • Around the Moon’s blackened circumference, you will see flares and streams of red gasses resulting from the “Solar Fire Crackers” going off on the surface and corona of the Sun!
  • It can be a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime sight to personally behold.
  • If you are in a perfect location of the “totality path,” where the Moon fully blocks the Sun, the experience will last about 2 minutes.
  • You will be surrounded by darkness.
  • The air temperature is expected to quickly drop about 15 degrees. (It has been observed on the farms that birds and cows will think it is nighttime – and the cows may head home to eat.)
  • Even more surprising, the rest of the sky will quickly turn black – exposing stars and planets that you would not normally see during daytime.
  • Meanwhile, the Moon will be opaque (the New Moon phase) because there will be no light on it from our viewpoint – the Sun will be shining behind it, on the other side.
>> All this will occur only if you are somewhere along a 70-mile-wide path across our country where the Moon completely covers the Sun.
  • By the way, the sky will need to be perfectly clear of clouds and haze in the totality path to experience these effects fully.

The Next Total Solar Eclipse
in the USA will be in 2024.
Plan to see it?
Start planning now!

There are many alternative opportunities
to view the Solar Eclipse
including live TV & Computer coverage!
Also, prepare to view it safely with ISO-approved
Solar Glasses or equipment.
Enjoy the beautiful Solar System designed by God for us all!

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CREDITS: * Stamp and Description Credit Source is: United States Postal Service®, © United States Postal Service. All rights reserved.

** Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Aug 31, 2012; Public Domain.

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